published 12.12.2018

The Birds featured in "The 10 Best Theater Productions of 2018" by Vulture

I didn’t know how much I needed to watch a chocolate-cream-pie wrestling match between a vainglorious mortal and a high-heeled deity, or how much sheer, childlike joy I’d get from bouncing on the edge of my seat while an ensemble of frolicking, half-clothed actors chased an enormous glow-in-the-dark balloon around the theater. Nikos Karathanos’s production of the almost 2,500-year-old comedy by Aristophanes — all the way from the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens — was a trippy, shameless delight, a sweaty, celebratory party with a satirical wink at our corrupted human pursuit of happiness inside the merriment. I left feeling genuinely lightheaded, which seems just about right for a visit to cloud-cuckoo-land.

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