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Friday, April 11, 2014

 Strange, shocking, unpredictable, the monsters of Greek mythology are antiheroes who have inspired such authors as Hesiod, Homer, Plato, Aristophanes, Shakespeare, Wilde, and Gide, and such artists as Rubens, Goya, Ingres, and Picasso, as well as fascinating countless generations all around the world. Presented for the first time in the United States, “The Greek Monsters,” created by the award-winning design group Beetroot, is an exhibition in which the monsters of Greek mythology get to tell their stories!

April - July 31, 2014
Olympic Tower Atrium
Monday through Sunday, 10am to 8pm
Free admission

The monsters of ancient Greek mythology were born nearly three thousand years before our time in the fantastic tales told by people who lived and thrived in the area we now call Greece.

The monsters were created to personify the astonishing mystery of the creation of the world, of life, and of natural phenomena, as well as of common everyday anxieties, many of which still plague us today. For years, the monsters represented the counterparts of
the gods, the heroes, and the mortals, and they bore the sins of the world — at least until now!

The monsters are exhibited here as elegant examples of the creativity of poets such as Homer and Hesiod; as strong evidence of the keen ancient Greek observations of the cosmos and their surroundings; as symbols of ethics, social life, and philosophy; and as semiotic treasures that would greatly inspire the Western world.

But this exhibition of the Greek monsters goes even further, by presenting them, with their dual nature both as perpetrators and victims, as contemporary symbols of the movement against racism, generalization, and exclusion, as significant philosophical attitudes and practices in contemporary design. Even today the Greek monsters never cease to produce, to grow, and to expand, no matter how difficult it may be under the circumstances. The Greek monsters always find ways to achieve the impossible.


Guided tours for schools & Sunday programs for families and children.
For more information please email guidedtoursocc@onassisusa.org

Beetroot Design Group, based in Thessaloniki, Greece, is an award-winning communication design office and think tank that for eleven years has championed the essence of human creativity, ability, and passion for growth.

Beetroot’s creative mission is to discover, develop, and utilize the true essence of a brand, product, or service and then grow and expand it to become recognized, appreciated, and praised all around the globe. Beetroot’s highly surprising and edgy work seeks, reveals, and (re)creates the characteristics that render the identity of each work as unique. Beetroot was awarded the coveted Red Dot Communication Design Award in 2011.



Essay inspired by The Greek Monsters

Essay by Peter Meineck






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